Jubek State

Jubek State is a state in South Sudan. The capital of Jubek State is Juba, the national capital of South Sudan. Jubek State is located in the Equatoria region in the south of the country.

From 2011 to 2015 Jubek was part of the former state Central Equatoria.


Jubek State is located in the south of the country and borders the states Amadi, Terekeke, Imatong und Yei River.



Jubek State is sub-divides into counties. These counties are further divided into Payams, then Bomas.

28 states in South Sudan

28 States of South Sudan

Central Equatoria Map

The former 10 states of South Sudan 2011-2015

Grouped in the three historical provinces Bahr el Ghazal (green), Equatoria (blue) and Greater Upper Nile (yellow).

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