Central Equatoria

Central Equatoria was a state in South Sudan from 2011-2015. The capital of Central Equatoria was Juba. The area of the state was 43.033 km².


Central Equatoria was located in the south of the country boardered to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

More Cities in addition to Juba in Central Equatoria

  • Kajo Keji
  • Kaya
  • Liria Mangalla
  • Rokon
  • Tali
  • Terakeka
  • Umbolo
  • Yei


Major tribes in Central Equatoria included Bari people, Nyangware, Kakwa, Keliko, Kuku, Makaraka and Pojulu and some more minor tribes.


Central Equatoria was sub-divides into counties. These counties were further divided into Payams, then Bomas.

Central Equatoria Counties

  • Juba County
  • Lainya County
  • Morobo County
  • Terekeka County
  • Yei River County
  • Kajo Keji County

Central Equatoria Map

The former 10 states of South Sudan 2011-2015

Grouped in the three historical provinces Bahr el Ghazal (green), Equatoria (blue) and Greater Upper Nile (yellow).

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